Maddie unfortunately has come down with a little bit of sickness so instead of being out at the beach or walking through town, we’re indoors letting her sleep it off. In the mean time, I’ve decided to share a few of the photos we’ve taken so far. mex-0039mex-0047mex-0054mex-0326mex-0162mex-0071mex-0004mex-0553mex-0034mex-0402mex-0075mex-0123mex-0482mex-0499mex-0580mex-0678mex-0681mex-0684mex-0531mex-0521mex-0698mex-0701b

Photographed in Barra De Navidad, Mexico

  • Shaina said:

    I'm especially loving the one with just the birds flying.

  • sean said:

    i had the best tacos of my life there.

  • Kat Speyer said:

    Love it! What camera(s) did you shoot these with?

  • ....these photos make me wish I could have invited myself along for the trip :)

  • Tom Lea said:

    My wife & I are moving to Barra and would like to house sit this summer while looking for a place live. Do you know anyone that needs a house sitter. I practiced architecture in Austin, Texas for 45 years and my wife, Karon, is a florist.