A couple of weeks before Allison and Simon’s wedding, I got a text from a fellow photographer trying to fill a second shooter position. When I looked into it, I found that John Keatley was the primary and he was in charge of shooting his sister’s wedding. [side note: check out his work. amazing stuff] Since I had JUST got done both being in and shooting a wedding, I jumped at the opportunity to help a fellow photographer enjoy a family wedding.

Allison and Simon are totally awesome and I couldn’t have lucked out with a better group of people and wedding.

High fives all around.

At this point we decided to head out to this awesome field with a couple of horses in it to take some portraits. Turns out that these horses don’t actually like people very much and started attacking us. Simon earned our respect REAL quick by putting himself in between the horses and Allison, keeping them from biting at her. Crazy stuff.

The end… right? Well, Bainbridge isn’t exactly home for everyone, so as soon as I got out of my car on the ferry, I ran into Allison and Simon. I didn’t want to bother them, but we struck up conversation real quick and I offered to shoot some more photos of them on the ferry ride back. I’m glad we did.

  • Anni said:

    These are stunning - I love the horses and the lawn games. Beautiful work!

  • Matt Ferrell said:

    Such a cool wedding, very sweet shots Benj! You killed it!

  • Eric Corliss said:

    Great work Benj! Is that John Keatley with the pitch fork??

  • Brett said:

    Awesome work, Benj. Looks like a super rad wedding.

  • Dude, so so good, fantastic stuff as always. Love the horse shots haha

  • mike said:


  • Monica said:

    These are gorgeous! Love, love, love them!

  • They were lucky to have you as a second! Such good coverage.

  • These are just absurdly good man, can't believe the horses were the spawn of the devil. Good work by Simon. Fantastic shots as always.

  • Dylan said:

    LOVE the bonus ferry photos. amazingness in every frame.

  • These are killer, Benj! Highlights for me include the whole thing with the horse (so crazy), all the adorable shots of the barn and the awesome shots on the ferry!

  • Dan said:

    A great story from start to finish. Damn you Benj!

  • Just beautiful Benj. The portraits on the boat are so intimate and beautiful.

  • Just amazingly beautiful and full of life. Love the horses and I'm glad you got the shots on the ferry too.

  • Justin said:

    Beautiful wedding! Love the location and the shoot with the horses!

  • Leah Muse said:

    Okay, this is just ridiculous. Everything from the hanging flowers to the looks on their faces with the horses.. amazing day and beautiful photographs!

  • Kim said:

    Everything about this wedding is the bomb. I LOVE the hanging vases (they look like magic!) and laughed at the groom near the horses.

  • small said:

    How lucky that you ran into them on the ferry! Those shots are gorgeous!

  • Dave Allen said:

    It looks like there was a lot of fun had by all, great story telling of a wonderful day :)

  • Walter Burks said:

    These are really great photos! I love the boots and the wedding was so beautiful and creative!!

  • Leo said:

    Gorgeous day. Beautiful couple and just amazing captures. You rocked this, and you rocked it hard. LOVE that first look series.

  • Nora said:

    I really enjoyed looking through this wedding. You've really captured their day to perfection.

  • Ben Howland said:

    What a day. So many emotions captured. Beautiful detailing as well. Looks like an awesome couple - keeping their cool even after coming under horse attack!

  • michelle said:

    i'm in love. absolutely stunning. and those horses! i imagine it will be funny one day :)