Thanks so much for having me shoot your wedding! If you could take the time to fill out this form it will help your wedding day flow much more smoothly!

Please wait until you have all of your information to submit. It makes everything so much easier to have all of the information in this single form instead of pulling from multiple sources on the wedding day.

I prefer to eat as close in time as possible to when you eat so we don't end up missing things like speeches & dances after the food is done being served. Lots of venues/caterers have things like vendor meals and sometimes refuse to serve the photographers until all the guest have eaten, which usually just means I'm not able to eat. Please let your catering staff know about this if you think it might become an issue :)

For this next section, please list every photograph you'd like taken for your family formal groupings. Please include the names of each person in each photograph and list them individually. [Example: Benj, Maddie, Denise, & Tim]

Wedding Vendor & Details [Name, Website, & @Instagram]