what really matters

The most meaningful photos aren’t always impressive.
The most impressive photos aren’t always meaningful.

Wedding Photography is so much more than just what you end up making your profile photo.

connection is key

I want to make photographs that will show you looking amazing and create a sense of nostalgia that will bring you back to those moments for years to come. The more we trust each other, the better that collaboration will be, and the better the end result. So please look around at other photographers and make sure the connection is there with whoever you choose.

how I operate

I like to tell my clients that I’ll be there when you need me, but out of your way when you don’t. If you feel awkward, chances are that it will show in the photos. I know how weird it can be to be in front of a camera and I make things as laid back as possible so you come away with photos that feel like you and not some preconceived pose we saw on Pinterest. I’ll never be one of those “fly on the wall” types, but I also won’t be the one to make you put on your shoes 5 times for better angles.

the small details

I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2007 and in that time have photographed hundreds of weddings and elopements. Being a wedding photographer is absolutely an honor. Over the last decade+ as a photographer, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to document the lives of couples all over the world and help create part of their visual history. What gets me out of bed in the morning is much more about creating photographs that will bring you back to the feelings that you had at the moment when looking through your photos in good times and in bad.

bringing it back

There are generations of relationships and more depth than any one person could experience. The longer I’ve lived this life, the more I understand the importance of these relationships in my own life and the more I’m honored to document them in the lives of others. I love taking a beautiful, romantic photo that will look amazing on your wall, but I’m much more concerned with the candid photographs that will mean even more in 20 years than they do today.

it all leads to this

I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings since my first wedding in 2007 in almost every situation imaginable. All types of venues, locations, lighting situations, weather, and cultures so photographing a wedding is almost second nature to me at this point. Equally important though, I’ve grown a lot as an individual.

I went from dating to engaged to married to parenthood all while maintaining this business and those experiences have drastically shaped my ability to empathize with the people and situations around me. I approach every wedding as if it’s for a close friend or family member’s wedding. I photograph grandparents like I’d want my grandparents photographed and parents how I’d want to be photographed at my kid’s weddings someday.

nature is the best venue

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life and love being surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes. One of the things that were the most difficult for me when I became a wedding photographer was giving up the weekends that I used to spend out camping with friends and family. While I photograph plenty of weddings all over the world every year, I feel the most at home in the great outdoors.

My surroundings have had a massive impact on my work and I work hard to do justice to the venues and locations that I’m able to photograph.

it's not about the decor

A lot of times weddings can become overwhelming and everyone can get caught up in everything to do with the event other than the relationship. While I absolutely love when the details are planned out well, nothing is as important as the people and their interactions. Every wedding that has love is the most beautiful wedding in the world.

How many hours do we need?

I currently offer 7 & 9 hour packages. In my experience, 7 hours can cover *most* of the day's events but is more suited for laid-back affairs without a long list of events. For years, my base package was set at 8 hours, but more often than not, we were hustling to get through events towards the end of the day [because let's be honest, it's rare that a wedding is on schedule]. I added that extra hour of buffer time to help accommodate.

Do you photograph weddings with a second photographer?

About 90% of the wedding and elopements I do are photographed solo, but there are definitely times where a second photographer is really useful. Whenever logistically it'd be impossible to have coverage in two places at once, when the guest list is 200+, or anytime you just want that extra coverage.

Can I see a full gallery of your work?

YES YES YES. What I show on my social media and website isn't always a good representation of an entire wedding day. I'd love nothing more for you to look through a few full galleries of weddings that I've delivered to clients recently. Having a really good idea of what your photographs will look like from an entire wedding day is incredibly important.
Click HERE to view my full galleries.

Can we meet before the wedding day?

Establishing a great connection with my clients is paramount to being able to capture amazing photographs, so having some sort of contact beyond email is a prerequisite before booking me as your photographer. I want to make sure you're 100% confident that I'm the right photographer for you and that you'll feel comfortable having me around on such a monumental day in your life.

Should we fill out one of those Pinterest lists for you?

You're welcome to if it helps you think through the coverage you're looking for! Just know that I have my own info sheet that I'll have you fill out about a month before the event as well. You can add any information you think might be helpful in that form.

How do we book?

To reserve your date, I simply need a signed contract and $2000 non-refundable retainer. If your wedding requires travel, I will also need the expenses paid at the time of booking to ensure travel costs are as quoted. Unfortunately, I cannot hold any dates without the signed contract, retainer, and any travel fees.

Do you charge tax?

Yes! Photos are taxed at the normal rate for products dependant on your home address regardless if you receive them digitally or physically in the State of Washington. If your primary residence is outside of Washington State, you're exempt from Washington State sales tax.

What is your payment schedule?

$2000 + travel is due at the time of booking and the final balance is due two weeks before the event date.

Do you make custom packages?

My packages are base rates with the ability to add on extra hours, products, photographers, etc. Most events that I photograph end up with a custom package of some sort.

What is your turnaround time?

It all depends on the season, but 6-8 weeks is typical.

Who owns the copyright?

While I retain the copyright of the images from your wedding day, my contract gives personal print and media permissions to my clients for any non-commercial usage. If you have any concerns about privacy, please let me know.

What resolution are they delivered in?

I always deliver photographs in the maximum resolution available after processing and cropping. This means that most are 20 megapixels or over. More than enough for most print projects.

How will we receive the photographs?

I have an online delivery system that gives you links to download .zip files of the event as well as an online gallery that you can reference and share with family/friends.

What is the album process like?

After your photos have been delivered, I'd love your help in selecting photos to include in your album. Things like family groupings and cover materials are always impossible for me to decide for you. Once those are done, I'll make the design and send it over to you for approval before submitting the order to my lab. From there, it takes the lab around 4-6 weeks to create and get back to me.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Anywhere from 20-50% of my work every year is outside of Seattle/Tacoma area. Travel has always been a big part of my business where I've photographed weddings/elopements in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Where are you based?

I currently reside in Tacoma, WA, USA with my amazing wife Maddie and our son Oslo. I've always called the Pacific Northwest my home and love everything about this area.

What are your travel rates?

My travel rates are based on travel from Tacoma, WA. Depending on the destination this could include flights, taxi, subway, rental car, and accommodation. I typically base these off of Expedia at the time of booking. I also require an additional $500 fee for interstate commissions and $1000 for international commissions for time spent traveling and any other expenses that might come up.

How many nights accommodation do you need?

American West Coast = 2 nights
American East Coast = 3 nights
International = 4-5 nights

I'm overly cautious about travel delays and always prefer to leave plenty of time to arrive for the event in case there are travel delays. I've had many canceled flights and want to leave backup options just in case.

Do you charge travel fees within Washington State?

It all depends on the location and the time of year. Please contact me for custom travel rates outside of the greater Seattle/Tacoma area.