cas·cade // kaˈskād
a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.
“the greater the number of people who are well briefed, the wider the cascade effect”

As a kid, I grew up in and around the Cascade Mountains, spending winters in the snow and summers in glacier-fed rivers. They’ve always played a large role in my life, but when I googled “cascade” and found this as the second definition, I knew the meaning was even more significant.

Whether it’s one on one mentoring, a group workshop, or my Lightroom presets, I hope that some of my experience and knowledge will be spread to better the industry as a whole.

a workshop to refresh, inspire, and equip.

Over 4 days and 3 nights, we’ll head a couple of hours from Seattle into the heart of the Cascade Mountains. The pace of learning will be laid back with plenty of opportunity for dialogue and discussion. I’ve expanded the schedule an extra night to allow for 2 full days of instruction. We’ll have multiple classroom talks, small photo walks, communal meals, Q&A, and a live shoot.

Throughout the past six years, I’ve slowly been preparing for this workshop, honing my own craft, and waiting until I really felt like my teaching skills and breadth of knowledge was to a point worth sharing. In preparation for Cascade Workshop, I’ve taught at 30+ one-on-one mentor sessions and 10+ workshops/conferences before venturing out completely on my own.

I always want to set great expectations, so here is what I’m planning for classes and activities.


Also known as “Booking Clients You Want to Work With.” Everything that you put online says something about you, your work, and your business. We’ll cover branding, instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, and how I use each differently to push my work out to the right people.


I couldn’t come up with a good title for this talk, but essentially, we’ll get nit-picky about my pet peeves when it comes to photographs and dig into the different elements that help create good, clean images that aid the viewer in bringing out what matters in an image.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SHUTTER SPEED?! PHOTO MECHANIC?! ALIEN SKIN?! We’ll roll through images and talk through how I can edit through a full wedding in 4-6 hours and still have my images look consistent. Will be helpful regardless if you use my presets or not.


Blog posts, slideshows, albums, etc. How can we present our work in a cohesive way that flows well through different platforms? We’ll talk about establishing shots, transitions, color, & composition and how it changes how we view the final product.


Weddings give us the incredible opportunity to create the visual histories for our clients, but we can easily get distracted by things that don’t ultimately matter on a wedding day. I’ll tell my story and why I continue to find meaning and value in photographing weddings.

FILM 101

Shooting film is intimidating to a lot of people. The good folks at Kodak and Indie Film Lab are partnering with me to help dispell that myth. I'll go over cameras, film stocks, metering, shooting, and working with a lab. We'll have plenty of time to practice during free time and live shoots as well.



This might blow your mind, but I’ll be the only one with a camera. I’ve found that it’s impossible for me to instruct if everyone else has a camera as well and is working to make their own images. I’ll spend the first bit instructing and showing how I do what I do. We’ll go over location scouting, finding good light, shooting with consistency, lens selection, posing, and client interaction. Any other questions that come up are more than welcome.


We’ll grab some drinks and learn from each other in a community environment. Let’s ask questions, get answers, and get the dialogue going. I’ve found that these are the times that I learn the most just from hearing from the experiences of others.


What workshop wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to jump in and shoot an actual couple in an amazing location? We’ll bring in multiple real couples to model for us who are most like just as uncomfortable being photographed as your clients are. You’ll have a bit of time with each couple and learning/sharing with each other is highly encouraged. I’ll be wandering between the couples to help with your personal shooting questions as well.


Everything is happening here. Meals, classes, etc. Be in on the action the entire time.


UPSTAIRS PRIVATE | $1750: Private bedroom with an attached full bathroom. Must be booked together with another attendee who will share the room. The room is located on the main floor at the end of the hall. Totally the quieter of the two available bedrooms.


DOWNSTAIRS PRIVATE | $1750: Private bedroom with an attached full bathroom. Must be booked together with another attendee who will share the room. The room is located downstairs next to the bunk room.


MAIN BUNKS | $1650: Just like camp just a whole lot nicer. We’ve got four bunks available. Show up on time to claim top or bottom.


SECOND BUNKS | $1650: Built-in bunk beds that are larger and little more cave-like. These bunks aren’t huge [they’re double/full beds], but are each large enough to share if you and your SO/BFF are down. Let me know if that’s the case and I’ll open up another spot for you.


COUCH SURF | $1500: It’s like camping indoors on a cushion with a thermostat and a bathroom 10 feet away. So, nothing like camping… nevermind. Bring your own sleeping bag and a pillow anyway though.


THE OUTHOUSE | $1600-1650: This is the wildcard. Oddly enough, there is no bathroom, so it really makes no sense to call it “The Outhouse” but I’m sticking to it. A queen bed with a bunk bed as well. No A/C or water, but the house is only 25 feet away.


The second lodge is located directly behind the main lodge. We’ve always used their driveway as overflow parking and finally found a way to just rent the whole thing. You’ll have some separation from the chaos and the ability to be back in at any time. As seen below from the deck of the main lodge.


PRIVATE ROOMS | $1700: Three private queen bedrooms. Sure, the vibes aren’t on point, but if you’re an introvert, your sanity might be.


BUNK LOFT | $1550: Two bunk bed sets (Double + Twin) with a shared bath. Most likely for kids, so more ideal for someone 5'8" or under unless you like sleeping diagonally.

make it happen

As there are multiple sleeping arrangements, I’ll have you book your bed in advance so you know exactly where you’ll be crashing at night. Below each header, you’ll find a place to reserve your spot. It’s all first-come, first-served in terms of availability. You can either simply reserve a spot or pay the full amount at the time of booking. The final amount will be due two weeks before the workshop.

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