anna-gregory-001 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-002 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-003 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-007 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-006 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-008 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-009 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-010 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-011 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-012 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-013 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-014 ANNA+GREGORY

Gregory wrote such a sweet song for Anna and sang it to her before their first look.
One of the sweetest moments I’ve had the privilege of photographing.

anna-gregory-015 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-016 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-017 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-018 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-019 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-020 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-021 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-022 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-023 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-024 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-026 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-027 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-028 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-029 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-030 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-031 ANNA+GREGORY

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anna-gregory-033 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-034 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-036 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-038 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-039 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-040 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-041 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-042 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-043 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-044 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-045 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-046 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-047 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-049 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-050 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-051 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-053 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-054 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-055 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-056 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-057 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-058 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-059 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-060 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-061 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-062 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-063 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-064 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-065 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-066 ANNA+GREGORY

000049030006 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-067 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-069 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-070 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-071 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-072 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-073 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-075 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-076 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-077 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-078 ANNA+GREGORY

0000490300121 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-079 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-080 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-081 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-082 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-083 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-084 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-085 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-086 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-087 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-088 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-090 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-091 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-092 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-093 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-094 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-095 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-096 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-097 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-098 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-099 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-100 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-101 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-102 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-103 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-104 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-105 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-106 ANNA+GREGORY

anna-gregory-107 ANNA+GREGORY

  • Katie Corley said:

    Love these!! :)

  • Adams said:

    Benj, Fantastic wedding! Love those fun dancing shots!

  • Gyan Gurung said:

    This is literally one of my favourite set of images in all of wedding photography!

  • Livvy said:

    Love it

  • Oh man. What a dream! Saving this set forever. Excellent work as always!

  • mav said:

    Great capture of this pretty awesome wedding! Lots of wonderful moments and amazing locations. Nice work! :)

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  • Talia said:

    This is such a GORGEOUS wedding. I especially adore the waterfall photos, and the first look song. It looks like every single moment that was captured of this wedding was beautiful. And a wild party too! My heart is melting.

  • Danny said:

    Wow what amazing moments, my favourites the guitar song first song, so lovely :)

  • Samantha said:

    Love this, so beautiful and inspirational! I'm just wondering if the waterfall was at the location or did you go off-site for those shots?

  • Ashley said:

    This brought tears to my eyes! That set of photos showing him playing her the song...these photos are so inspiring.

  • Olivia said:

    Could you tell me where this wedding took place?

  • Paola Whittaker said:

    These made me feel all warm and fuzzy, I felt like I was there. AMAZEBALLS