Gloria and Ron are awesome. They are both incredibly hospitable and genuine people. Shooting their wedding in Los Angeles was one of the highlights of our wedding season.

Their wedding was featured over on Style Me Pretty. Check it out to hear a bit more from Gloria.

Coordinator/Design: So Happi Together

  • ryan said:

    I think that's officially the first time I've seen a chameleon on a bride. Loved the ceremony photos, you could easily tell how they felt about each other.

  • jeff ambrose said:

    methinks you'll be working in california more often after this.

  • out of your element (in sunlight) and still fully flaring out, a beaut. let's get burgers again next time you visit CA :)

  • Sara said:

    you've mastered rainbow lens flare.. but can you do double rainbow?

    These photos are perfect, the t/s of the bride and groom walking down the sidewalk.. oh my gosh..

    great work.

  • Mike said:

    Stellar work from start to finish. Really great storytelling.

  • Michelle said:

    So awesome. I love the iguana pics. :)

  • Jordy said:

    Beautiful Benj, awesome coverage.

  • Drew W said:

    Amazing story telling Benj. This is amazing coverage. Even though I don't know them I feel like I missed out :-)

  • mandie said:

    these are stellar. some of that sun flare is just ridiculous.

  • Excellent coverage. Love the emotions and processing.

  • Jonas Seaman said:

    Yes! Framed by a rainbow lens flare. Beautiful Set!

  • Jakob said:

    Rock solid, dude. As always.

  • Yuriy said:

    These are great, love the flare shots.

  • Josh said:

    So cool running into you that day! We're big fans and this post demonstrates why. Killin it!

  • Beautiful bride. And that sun flare! Amazing images, Benj.

  • Wow I love this wedding. You have so much pretty blur in these photos.

  • more weddings need iguanas.

    awesome job Benj!

  • ron storer said:

    great location and great shots..sweet work Benj:)

  • this wedding post just keeps on giving and giving!! such a phenomenal job at documenting such a gorgeous day. love these so much, especially the lizard.

  • Dustin said:

    Benj, your photos always rock, this couple must be thrilled to get these, I love your portraits!

  • J Shoda said:

    Wow Benj, you never cease to impress. Looks like it was an awesome wedding to be a part of. Well done.

  • Kellee Walsh said:

    Wow, you totally nailed this wedding. Brilliant!

  • Joanna said:

    awesome job, I always love your photos Benj. :)

  • Teresa said:

    Ok, first of all, she looks a tad bit like one of my cousins! And second, I am a fan of your work! Love the depth of your images, love the details. Love the emotions you've captured. Love the lighting! This is amazing! Please let me know if you ever need a second shooter? Lol!

  • Richard said:

    Gosh, such an amazing series. I really like the flare shots, I was wondering if you can actually see the rainbow flare in your view finder?

  • ryan chan said:

    That's some awesomeness with the sunflare! Never seen someone use that to their advantage!

  • Ric Latham said:

    Inspirational work, simply stunning ! I love the Bride and groom reveal shots, fantastic !

  • Sachin Khona said:

    Loving the portraits in these Benj. Beautiful!

  • ALMA said:

    Yikess...Killed it big time mate!

  • Courtney said:

    so many really gorgeous shots in there. i love the feeling of those cityscape shots with the shadowy buildings.

  • Heather said:

    I'm so glad you weren't too distracted by the epic gorgeous surroundings to record such beautiful moments, emotions, and expressions. Well done, Benj. Amazing, amazing work.

  • Caroline said:

    daaaaaaaaaaaaang. this is so rad, ben.

  • You're the man Ben :D

    I can so tell from just the photos, that the wedding was epic. Gloria + Ron are uber kewl.

  • Jean said:

    Gorgeous couple, venue, perspective. Epic, actually.

  • Sully said:

    DAMN mr. haisch! Probably one of the best series of photos I have seen. I don't know what else to say but damn...

  • Paul Fuller said:

    What a fantastic wedding, you nailed it as always!

  • If you don't mind my asking. How do you get awesome motion blur shots like you did at the reception and keep your subject sharp? Totally cool.

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  • Clarke Scott said:

    Still so good to see this some years back. Love it!