Meggan and Justin are rad. Justin had literally JUST gotten out of the military and Meggan knew that it’d probably be the last time that she’d be able to get him in that uniform. Plus their wedding was “more like an elopement” so she wanted some awesome photos to make up for it.

The light and setting was AMAZING and it was so great to share a bit of their joy.
Seriously, the uniform, abandoned airfield, and her simple dress really made me feel like I went back in time for this shoot.

Their session was featured on Green Wedding Shoes which is one of my very favorite blogs.

One of their photos was also featured on

  • janelle said:

    OH. EM. GEE.
    freaking charming, benj.

  • mike said:

    Gorgeous work.

  • Sully said:

    Nice work Benj! One of my favorites that you've done. I agree ^ , you are amazing

  • Nessa K said:

    I don't know if I could love this session anymore than I do. Such... such... such a beautiful couple, killer lighting, and a gorgeous set of photographs. :)

  • Lauren said:

    So gorgeous! It all came together so perfectly, looks like something straight out of the 40's :)

  • Lea said:

    These are awesome! My hubby served with Justin up at 2nd Ranger Battalion. Nice to see him happily married. :)

  • Sam Docker said:

    Yet again, another wonderful set of images. Top notch my man!!

  • Johanna said:

    Love her smile on number 7. Gorgeous couple and amazing photos :)

  • Andrew Cheal said:

    Lovely photos, especially the upside down reflection ;)

  • I love the first set of b/w. Just gorgeous!

  • Alexandre said:

    This is amazing! Love the reflection shoots!

  • Tee said:

    wow... that reflection shot is ridiculous. the one with the mountain in the background is what dreams are made of.

  • heather nan said:

    DYING over the lone shot of Meggan on the dirt road.... DYING! Incredible.

  • Jessie said:

    These are beautiful! Love the reflection shots! I felt that I was back in time in an amazing love story!

  • Narrelle said:

    These are just divine. I love every single one of them! But I think my favourite is the wide open one with them walking on the road, and the clouds above - breathtaking!

  • These are so adorable! And that location is amazing!

  • Nora said:

    I love this shoot so much. The black and whites are my favourite especially that last shot.

  • Natalie said:

    This session is absolutely amazing! So incredibly romantic!

  • Bryan C said:

    AMAZING! Love the location, it's magical. Really great photography here

  • I think I audibly went "awwww" when she put the hat on. Gold.

  • Tyler said:

    like, whoa...

  • Brian Davis said:

    Mind blown. Amazing work. They look like such a wonderful couple and their personality really shows.

  • Janet Palmer said:

    location, the light, and the couple... just divine

  • megganjoy said:

    It is over a year later, and I still come to this blog post and cry. These images are my most valuable possessions. Thank you friend.