A gorgeous Santorini wedding. Let’s do this.mikecarizzablog-001 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-002 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-003 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-004 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-005 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-006 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-007 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-009 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-011 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-012 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-013 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-014 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-015 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-016 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-017 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-018 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-019 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-020 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-021 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-022 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-023 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-024 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-025 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-026 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-027 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-028 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-029 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-030 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-031 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-032 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-034 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-035 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-039 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-041-1 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-042 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-043 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-044 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-046 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-047 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-048 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-049 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-050 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-051 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-052 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-053-1 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-054 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-055 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-056 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-057 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-058 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-061 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-062 MIKE+CARIZZA


mikecarizzablog-063 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-064 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-065 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-066 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-067 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-068 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-070 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-071 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-072 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-073 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-069 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-074 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-076 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-078 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-081 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-082 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-090 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-091 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-092 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-094 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-096 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-097 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-098 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-100 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-101 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-102 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-104 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-105 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-106 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-107 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-109 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-111 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-112 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-113 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-114 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-115 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-117 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-118 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-119 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-120 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-121 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-122 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-123 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-124 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-125 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-126 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-127 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-128 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-129 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-130 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-131 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-132 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-134 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-135 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-136 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-137 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-138 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-139 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-140 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-141 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-142 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-143 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-144 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-145 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-146 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-147 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-148 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-149 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-150 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-151 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-152 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-153 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-154 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-155 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-156 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-157 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-158 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-159 MIKE+CARIZZA

mikecarizzablog-160 MIKE+CARIZZA

  • Beatriz Borrás said:

    These pictures are incredible, job well done!

  • Kismet said:

    So very beautiful

  • Kimmie Kao said:

    These are amazing!

  • Joshua Rose said:

    Epic shots brother! let me know if you ever come to Kauai =)

  • April said:

    Just wow. Beautiful choice of locations, of light, and of moments. The motion of the dress and the hair are fantastic.

  • These are stunning! Not only do they capture the couple but the scenery, the emotions, the lighting... almost photojournalistic which adds a whole other element of depth. That dress!

  • This is the most beautiful wedding I have seen lately. Congrats!

  • Troy Grover said:

    Insane! So good! Congrats Mike and Carizza!!

  • Esther Followwill-Johnson said:

    Mike, I cannot believe how fitting it is that a photographer of your talent would be gifted with these utterly exquisite and powerful images. What a magical wedding.

  • marcia said:

    holy cow. these are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. wow wow wow.
    so well done, friend!

  • Mallory said:

    These are absolutely incredible. I love your work, it pushes me to want to be better. Thank you for sharing your art form with the world!

  • Bec said:

    And this is why you're still my most favourite wedding photographer of all time. Splendid.

  • Alex Ry said:

    ok these are unreal.

  • Veronica said:

    Wow, simply breathtaking!

  • Josh Mikhaiel said:

    Holy crap dude.. so insanely nice. the film shots are epic

  • Abby said:

    Simply stunning!

  • Elizabeth said:

    O.M.G. This is absolutely gorgeous photography my friend! Just one question...how do you get the highlights so soft and subdued? It's just mind boggling!!!

  • Victoria said:

    No words. Absolutely breathtaking. Her shoes are the most gorgeous things on this planet... besides these captured moments :)

  • Taylor said:

    These are absolutely stunning. Breathtaking. Good well done, Benj!

  • What I really appreciate about your work is just the sincerity behind your work. While your images always have an incredible epic perspective, I feel like I still want to know who these people are. So many photographers now a days get trapped in the "they have to kiss and it has to be serious" which there isn't anything wrong with that, but some love stories are told beautifully with smiles included, and real candid expressions of joy.

    One of these days I would love to meet you and shake your hand.



  • Clarke Scott said:

    I love this part of the world. such great tone also.

  • Rob said:

    Mate this is just beautiful!!!