I wasn’t going to share this on my blog, but after watching it a few times over in different venues and getting feedback, I’ve decided to post it. This is one of the hardest projects I’ve ever had to make. Going through the footage was really difficult at times, but I feel like the video gives a good message of hope for the Haitian people. For all of you who gave money or tents, thank you so much. You have no idea how much that meant to these people. Here is the story.

Please be patient and let the film load, it’s over 10 minutes long and in HD.

Filmed in Seattle, Dominican Republic, and Haiti


Florian – This is awesome tknahs for your effort. Just bought a painting from Joe Iurato in a similar project.I hope everybody is spreading the word keep us updated on the progress.Cheers, Florian

benji hiciste un gran trabajo y alex tambien los dos hicieron un trabajo grandioso los felicito a alex y ati benji dios los bendiga

Hey man,
fantastic video! That i one of the best looks into haiti I’v had since the quake! I love seeing video shot through a photographer’s point of view! God bless!

Well done. How do you get started. Do you have the contact info for the Pastor Klein guy? There are some people here in So Cal that want to help but don’t know how to get started. Thanks in advance for any information.

I’m touched. Wonderful work.

Thanks for sharing this. Truly an inspiration!

Tears in my eyes. Incredible, amazing, inspiring….

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You guys have done a wonderful thing! You made a beautiful and moving video too. Thanks for sharing!

amazing. all of it.

way to represent for team Jesus!

Wow, what an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic video, Benj. What lenses were you using to film, if you don’t mind my asking.

I really like that you flat out asked, “What are you doing?” I hope that more people felt challenged to get involved.

you and the people involved are a blessing

WOW!!! A Great Video!!Who would have thought, someone I knew as a young child, would grow up and have done what you and others did for people in need. So happy that you shared this, and being in Belgium, and computers I could watch a awesome story.
Thanks so much for the help you have given and for sharing this time in your life.

Awesome. If we all just did a little, it would all get done…

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Oh Benj. Words can not describe just how amazing this is.

benj… truth sayer. artist. friend. thanks for this.

This is absolutely amazing. soo inspiring.

this is absolutely amazing. so inspiring.

this is amazing benj. the whole story is moving. thank you for sharing and inspiring others to take action.

Chills and Tears. So moving. Benj thank you for sharing this piece, it was sad, hopeful raw and beautiful all rolled together. You have a gift. Am leaving very inspired.

Insprirational, that really struck me. Well done to you and your guys. I’ve tweeted it as this should be seen!

speechless. absolutely amazing. thank you for all your help over there.

Really really awesome project, thanks for sharing Benj.

Benj, you guys are such great and caring people man. It’s one thing to see something on TV and feel bad for a few seconds and change the channel… it’s quite another to get a crew together and actually DO something about it. You guys made a huge difference. Very powerful and inspiring footage as well.

Oh wow!! Thanks Benj! I cried!

Great video Benj. Truly inspiring stuff man. I’m sure those tents made a huge difference to everyone!

..glad to hear your teaming up with IM too. I love those T-Town guys

Benj what a great way to share the story and inspire others to give as well! Truely greatful of your gift of time to deliver the tents and then to share the story in this way. God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful gift.

Wow Ben, very moving film. Beautifully done.

That was incredible Benj – thank you for sharing it and for involving yourself in such a massive relief effort. The actions of your group are an example to us all of how little it takes to make a huge difference for those in need.

Breaks my heart. Thank you for all of your efforts and this wonderful and touching video. I am going to post this. ♥

Beautifully filmed Ben.

Thank you for sharing this.