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  • You´re an amazing wedding photographer Benj! You really pull this hole thing off. I´m very inspired of your work. Just want to say THANKS!
    Please let me know if you´ll come to Sweden and give a workshop or how you say it.. I would love to learn more from you. Blessings! / Maria

  • reportaż ślubny warszawa said:

    Wonderful photos )Absolutely beautiful work dude.

  • And let someone tell me that simplicity is not the key to achieving the best results .

  • Jordan Voth said:

    Yes yes yes yes! Such a rad idea to get married up there.

  • Heck Yes! This is what it's all about! I agree with Jordan Voth - such an awesome spot for a wedding!!

  • I love it! They seem like a very cool couple and they picked the right person to capture their unique awesomeness. Great job!

  • Katie Corley said:

    phenomenal photos and what a lovely and adorable couple!

  • Cute couple! and stunning photography. I like bridal dress, really i never seen this type of wedding dress. Thank you for share it with us.

  • Kateryna said:

    Nice ! the couple is so original and the nature - amazing