• Rocky Garza said:

    gorgeous images. love the simplicity of the location and emotion in her face. wonderful job.

  • David said:

    Awesome stuff! Though I would imagine it would be hard to take a bad pictures of her...Great location as well

  • Absolutely stunning girl. Great images, too ;-)

  • Kai Heeringa said:

    I love frames 10 and 11. Beautiful work.

  • What lens are you using in the first couple frames?

  • The pictures are so true to who and what she is ! Excellent captures those are exactly all her expressions ! She is beautiful inside and out. Great photography !

  • beautiful! I just picked up the Nikon 35mm 1.4G. I haven't got to get out and see its beauty yet.

  • Ally White said:

    The girl is gorgeous but you sure made that pile of dirt look good also!! Great photos!!

  • Caroline said:

    What a beautiful girl! Benj you are the man. That is all.

  • Jean said:

    She is a gorgeous young lady, and your photos are so rich, natural and beautifully composed. Wonderful work!

  • Mercedes said:

    These are so great. She's very pretty and like Ally said, you made dirt look great!

  • Mary Sylvia said:

    Gorgeous images, I love your first black and white, really makes you stop and look.

  • Sara said:

    great work Benj! she has the prettiest smile.

  • Nikole said:

    What a beautiful smile she has! These photos are so freaking amazing.

  • Jessie said:

    Wow! That first one of her against the wall belongs in a fashion magazine!

  • Kyle said:

    Number thirteen is my FAVORITE! I love all the shots in that tunnel thing, but that one is just so relaxed and simple and pretty...something about it.

  • Jimmy said:

    Love the subtle emotions in each shot! She's such a stunner!

  • Matt said:

    Holy hell this is epic! Loving your work mate.

  • Ric Latham said:

    Beautiful work, lovely 'pop' to the images, fantastic !

  • Louisa said:

    Pretty! Such beautiful portraits - you really captured the spirit of youth here :)

  • Sachin Khona said:

    Wow, she's gorgeous. Lovely images Benj!

  • She is beautiful. And you really know how to capture the essence of her beauty. Gorgeous work as usual!

  • Jim & Alice said:

    Great shots and locations plus this girl has a great smile. Great job on the photos.

  • beautiful portrait photography of a beautiful girl - really stunning stuff!