I’ve been shooting so many sessions lately that I feel like a bad blogger. These kids were too cool not to get featured though, so I thought I’d blog some of my faves from the last few sessions.blogKATIE-014 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSAM-608 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogLAUREN-405 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogKATIE-092 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSAM-217 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSEAN-104 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogANGEL-169 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSAM-122 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogKATIE-118 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSAM-445 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogANGEL-046 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogKATIE-159 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogLAUREN-332 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSAM-565 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogKATIE-161 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogSAM-500 MAY SENIORS // PART ONEblogKATIE-196 MAY SENIORS // PART ONE

Photographed in Tacoma and Puyallup, WA


That last photo is absolutely amazing! Keep up the awesome work man!

Great job, Benj! Natural poses, open faces, personalized approach, sense of composition, colours and light – everything tells me that you’re such a talented photographer!

Stupid good stuff. This set and the one below. Redonkulus.

BENJ! You are rocking these out like a madman. if theres a better senior photographer out there, ive never seen em.

awesome Benj, makes me want to photograph more seniors!

Love the little face in the BIG green.

LOVEEEEE the one with the boats in the back ground! Her freckles are pretty awesome as well :]

I like that look of film you have going.

Love your senior work Benj! Each shot is amazing…and their personalities just shine through. Nice.

Awesome. Love your work, Benj. Great skin tones, great light, great color, love the tilt-shift! And, such great lookin’ subjects!

you found a way to make senior photos rad. well done.

Cute girls! I love the one with the boats behind her.

These are wicked good.