Do you by any chance know how her veil clipped to her hair? I want the same look but am having issues finding the same kind of veil… just wondering if there was a certain way to do it so the veil doesn’t fall out of my hair. Thanks!

Dude, this is awesome!

Love these pictures! does anyone know who makes Leanne’s dress?

this wedding is perfection. your work is amazing!

stunning dress! love how happy they look…beautiful photos as always :-)

Really good work!! I like it

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WOW!! now this is how Wedding Photos should look like!!

Killer work Ben, love the street portraits. Would be awesome to see you shoot a wedding over the pond!

you are flippin fantastic – very nice work.

Your photography is stellar and so warm and pretty and lovely and I could rave about it forever, amen, but I have to say this about this couple; if these two procreate, their offspring will be a beautiful superbaby and it will rule over all other babies.

I’ve loved the pictures, a spectacular job!

Stunning, Benj, absolutely stunning!

All the shots are gorgeous, but the ones from the first look are my absolute favorite!

Wow, what a beautiful couple. You nailed the emotion. great work!

awwh! this is amazing!

These turned out amazing Benj! Beautiful job! :)

no surprise, but this is so damn good.

Oh man, that’s one saucy couple. Solid photos man!

What a gorgeous bride! Her dress is stunning too! Great setting, great people, great shots!

Lovely bride and groom for a wonderful pictures !!! Congrats from BCN, Benj !!!

Woww this is extremely good!!

Wow man, these are killer! Sick venues – Really enjoyed the set.

This is such a super-model couple, and after watching the video it’s easy to see that their insides match their outsides. I’m so happy for them and I don’t even know them! You captured the emotions of the day super well, and I love the locations that were picked for the first look and the portraits. Amazing as always!!

I LOVE these! Wonderful work!

Delicious editing that complements your scenes. You have a wonderful style.

This is such a sweet wedding, Benj. Everything feels so rich.

You’re work is so killer.