Rhys and Alana are an amazing couple who I was incredibly blessed to have shot photos of. Rhys emailed me back in April inquiring about an engagement shoot, which was an honor because he is a pretty good photographer himself. After a few emails back and forth, we set a date and time for his session.

The two of them were to get engaged the night before and then fly into Seattle from Vancouver, Canada for a shoot and a day exploring the city. I got a text message Friday night saying, “Well, I have a fiance!” and knew we were on for the next day. I showed up with my friend, Jade who assisted me [and even took one of the photos below] at Boeing Field and waited for them to get off their private little plane.

You can click here and here for his engagement story.

Here are some of the photos from the day. Congrats, you two!blogR+A-542 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-752 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-661 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-757 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-701 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-665 RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_48551 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-640 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-601 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-656 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-5811 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-9651 RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_4960bw RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_50351 RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_5140 RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_4980 RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_5170bw RHYS+ALANAblogIMG_4920-jade RHYS+ALANAblog_MG_5228 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-128711 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-14101 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-14731 RHYS+ALANAblogR+A-14861 RHYS+ALANAMaddie and I are SOOOOO excited for your wedding in Kelowna!

Photographed in Seattle, WA


Freaking LOVE each and every one of these images….can’t wait to see thir wedding ones:) And yes, we happen to think Rhys is a darned good photog as well!

Brilliant. Hip. Love the tilt shift

how did I not comment on this yet? Because this is one of the most ridiculously cool esessions I’ve ever seen.

LOVE the “fixing the tie” shot! Just like Rhys to get disheveled and suggestive.

shooting at airports is the new not shooting at airports.
these are legit.

Wow!! Stunning photos! Rhys and Alana you two are beautiful!! Congratulations!

You caught ’em well! I like the paparazzi shot of them in the crosswalk. The grass images are timeless.

OKAY, these are awesome!!!! i am sooooo pumped that i know these two! u guys all did an amazing job! CONGRATS again!

YAY!!!! I was hoping these would be up fast! GREAT, GREAT job, Benj. And Rhys: you guys are friggin’ adorable.

I LOVE this session! GEORGEOUS!

Love these Benj. You rocked it & so did Rhys & Alana.

HOT on the tarmac!! so much love…Rhys & Alana..so adorable :)

awesome session, benj!

Benj, these are G O R G E O U S. Holy cow. The sun is almost tangible. & nice composition. [as always.]

Beautiful shots! Love your style.