INDIA // 2005

Way back in 2005 I signed up to do a DTS through YWAM. I knew I’d be spending at least 2-3 months traveling somewhere in Asia and asked my parents for a camera to help document my adventure. I’d never owned one before and was beyond stoked when I opened up a Fuji E550 for Christmas is 2004. I only had a 756mb XD card for over 2 months of traveling, so I was constantly deleting images from the card to make room for more. I’m so sad to never know those photos that I hastily deleted. Having these issues was terrible, but it inspired me to invest in a camera since I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with photography over my trip.

The imagery of India is incredible. The colors, the landscape, but most of all, the people.
I can only dream of going back in the next few years.

india-01 INDIA // 2005

india-02 INDIA // 2005

india-04 INDIA // 2005

india-06 INDIA // 2005

india-07 INDIA // 2005

india-08 INDIA // 2005

india-09 INDIA // 2005

india-10 INDIA // 2005

india-11 INDIA // 2005

india-13 INDIA // 2005

india-14 INDIA // 2005

india-15 INDIA // 2005

india-16 INDIA // 2005

india-17 INDIA // 2005

india-181 INDIA // 2005

india-19 INDIA // 2005

india-20 INDIA // 2005

india-21 INDIA // 2005

india-22 INDIA // 2005

india-23 INDIA // 2005

india-26 INDIA // 2005

india-24 INDIA // 2005

india-27 INDIA // 2005

india-25 INDIA // 2005

india-30 INDIA // 2005

india-31 INDIA // 2005

india-32 INDIA // 2005

india-33 INDIA // 2005

india-34 INDIA // 2005

india-36 INDIA // 2005

india-38 INDIA // 2005

india-40 INDIA // 2005

india-41 INDIA // 2005

india-42 INDIA // 2005

india-43 INDIA // 2005

india-44 INDIA // 2005

india-45 INDIA // 2005

india-46 INDIA // 2005

india-47 INDIA // 2005

india-48 INDIA // 2005

india-49 INDIA // 2005

india-50 INDIA // 2005

india-51 INDIA // 2005

india-53 INDIA // 2005

india-54 INDIA // 2005

india-55 INDIA // 2005

india-56 INDIA // 2005

india-57 INDIA // 2005

india-58 INDIA // 2005

india-59 INDIA // 2005

india-60 INDIA // 2005

india-61 INDIA // 2005

india-62 INDIA // 2005

india-63 INDIA // 2005

india-64 INDIA // 2005

india-65 INDIA // 2005

india-66 INDIA // 2005

india-67 INDIA // 2005

india-68 INDIA // 2005

india-69 INDIA // 2005

india-70 INDIA // 2005

india-71 INDIA // 2005

india-72 INDIA // 2005

india-74 INDIA // 2005

india-75 INDIA // 2005

india-76 INDIA // 2005

india-77 INDIA // 2005

Big thanks to the people at VSCO for helping make these images look great.

  • Dude, check you out! Talented then, talented now. Gorgeous country.

  • Michelle said:

    Wasn't just VSCO that made these images look great. You obviously have natural talent.

  • Kim said:

    So many amazing images that made my heart stop! I would love to visit India someday. Thanks to this post, I already kind of feel like I have.

  • naomi said:

    you are such a raw talent. these are fantastic. are some of those in spiti or ladakh by any chance?

  • A good friend of mine also did her DTS in India, and she loved it. Really inspired me to want to make a trip out there. I've managed to visit a lot of other places, but not there yet. Awesome photos, Benj. I hope the DTS was just as awesome, though

  • This is awesome, Benj! We all know that feeling of falling in love w/ shooting.
    For me, it was the 6 months my wife & I were living in England & travelling Europe.

    We didn't have a television, and I completely immersed myself into taking photos and developing them in lightroom.

    Good times!

  • Alexandre said:

    WOW! These are amazing Ben! Dude you did a great job with a point 'n shoot! Congrats!

  • Mercedes said:

    I love the ones with the kids. 44-46 just get to me! I've never had the chance to do a DTS but I sure hope my boys do. They'll be armed with cameras and lots of memory.

    Thanks for the reminder--again--that it's not the gear :)

  • Johanna said:

    This is what happens when God blesses someone with the gift of photography. Beautiful!

  • Anja said:

    Nice Benj! These photos pretty much prove that you've always been a photographer - even before you knew it!

  • mike said:

    Always enjoy seeing personal work.

  • PJ Photos said:

    Just come back from India...I wish I also went to looks so good!!

  • Dennis Pike said:

    The fact that these were shot with a p&s, and you knew nothing about photography just blows me away. I would be thrilled if I took a lot of these right now. Stunning, Benj. Just shows how much raw talent you have.

  • Brian Kraft said:

    SO amazing, considering the equipment and the (lack of) experience! The first prayer flag shot with them blowing-- so, so, so good.

  • The proof that a good photographer doesn't need the greatest and latest gear. Love all the images. Long time wishing to visit India but you've made my mind. 2013 is the year.

  • Natalie said:

    Wow... truly amazing! The images of the children really captivated me!

  • Priya Patel said:

    Awesome photos! So cool that you went back to your earliest images - they're really beautiful. You clearly have innate talent. Very impressive.

  • Steve Koo said:

    Really enjoyed looking through these, Benj. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dustin Hall said:

    I think this shows us that the eye is the most important piece of equipment a photographer has, these impressive. It makes me want to go back and re-edit some of my older photos.

  • Lynsey T said:

    Absolutely breathetaking photos!

  • small said:

    How awesome to have these photos from your trip. They are fantastic!

  • Jen Smith said:

    What an amazing collection. Yep, you had "the eye" even back then. Too many moving images to list!

  • ed peers said:

    Love India and always love your work Benj.

  • beautiful. I would love to go on a misson trip. This was so long ago, and you can just tell that you have had a natural eye for photography even back then! Also, I really dig this shot:
    I like the colors and the movement. :)

  • Jaime said:

    Beautiful. I regularly feel regret when I remember deleting the very first image. If it counts at all the grid of those yellow cabs is captured in my mind forever. I have this delusional idea that I am going to go back to the Salvation Army hostel in downtown Mumbai and re-take that photo.

  • These are amazing! Thanks for sharing these dude!